How To Purchase Harambe AI Tokens
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Harambe AI Tokens can only be purchased through our integrated Radom secure checkout system.

You can purchase Harambe AI tokens through any of the following networks and tokens:

  • Bitcoin

    • BTC

  • Ethereum

    • ETH

    • USDC

    • USDT

  • Binance Smart Chain

    • BNB

    • BUSD

    • USDC

    • USDT

  • Polygon

    • MATIC

    • USDC

    • USDT

  • Arbitrum

    • ETH

    • USDC

    • USDT

  • Base

    • ETH

    • USDC

  • Tron (TRX)

    • TRX

    • USDC

  • Polkadot

    • DOT

You can pay with any wallet, including web3 wallets or direct deposits from Exchanges.

Creating Your Purchase Request

To begin the process, simple visit our website:

Then complete the following steps:

  1. Enter the amount you wish to purchase:

  2. Click the "Proceed To Checkout Now" button.

  3. Wait until the page redirects you to the Radom secure checkout:

Once you get to this screen you can pick the network and coin you would like to make a deposit in:

Radom will create a unique address for you to deposit in, for example if we choose to deposit Ethereum it looks like this:

  1. Copy the deposit address.

  2. Go to the wallet, application or exchange you wish to use to make the purchase. (Such as Metamask or Binance)

  3. Click the send or withdrawal button on your application.

  4. Paste the deposit address.

  5. When prompted for the amount, enter the amount Radom secure checkout provided.

  6. Make sure you have also selected the right network, such as Ethereum, Polygon, etc..

  7. Click send or withdrawal button on your wallet or exchange application.


You can also scan the QR code with your mobile wallet application (eg. MetaMask, CoinBase Wallet, etc) and the app will fill out the correct chain, deposit address and amount automatically. Then simply tap the submit button on the mobile wallet application to complete the purchase.

Once you have completed the above steps, Radom secure checkout will detect the payment automatically and display your receipt:

That's it! No further action needed.

If you somehow did not get to the Thank You page then try the following URL:

If you still can't find your order ID after that, don't worry. You will be able to claim your tokens with the wallet address you paid with or reach out to [email protected] and we can assist you.

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